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• 4/12/2015

Approval of "Editor Page"

Although this wiki is certainly in less need of this sort of page, I would like to propose this idea anyway.

On the Pokepasta Wiki, I recently made a page called "Editor Page". On this page, I described the purpose of the page: To clean up stories with English errors and provide tips on what is wrong with the story and how to make it better.

I recommend checking out the page on the link here.

My proposition is to have this very same page on this wiki to help new writers edit their stories and receive feedback as quickly as possible, as well as for old writers to draw attention to their old stories to make improvements.

I'd like to hear the members of the wiki and administrators tell me your thoughts below on if they approve. Thank you.

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• 4/13/2015

Hmm, sounds like a good idea. I don't think we need a page for that, but an "up for review" category would be beneficial. I'll make it now. Thanks for the suggestion!

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