I went to a store called 3D games, that sells 3DS games for around a $1.00 My mom said she would buy me a game because they don't cost to much money. So I raced around the store looking for a game. Pokemon Dimond stuck out like a dimond in a dump.

So I asked my mom if Pokemon Dimond could be the game that I get. She said yes, it was only $1.00 because it was a used game. After I got the game me and my mom went home, but I played the game in the car on the way home. When we got to the house I went to take the game out of the case... But when I saw the case it said Pokemon Dimond Kills. I didn't show my mom she would break the game and throw it in the trash... she hates the word kill. So I hid the game case under my pillow. I got on to my 3DS to see... A red-eyed black charizard. 

I couldn't beleive I was scared of the game icon. I pressed it... I saw a normal login screen I pressed new game, I started playing... I saw a Dimond near the pokestore. I only need to pass some grass, so I did. While in the grass the rare legond of THE RED-EYED BLACK  CHARIZARD came true, I was scared to death when I got into a fight the red-eyed black charizard, I lost. I was sent to... a black dark cave I looked around I saw blood everywhere on the cave walls, and on the cave floor. It was so hard to see but I saw two red eyes staring into my eyes, I suddenly saw a cut scene... It showed the red-eyed black charizard strangle me untill blood was everywhere. I quit the game and went to sleep. But to my suprize when I woke up there it was... The red-eyed black charizard... HE IS KILL.............