These rules are meant to keep people safe on here and to keep everyone happy. Here is a simple list.

1. Please be nice to new contributors and old ones.

2. Get an admin to help you if someone is bothering you (i.e spamming nonstop, harassing, etc)

3. If you have a question, please feel free to ask an admin for help.

4. Please don't badge farm.

5. Please don't intentionally vandalize someone's page.

6. As stated many times before, please keep everything child-friendly.

7. No bullying, please. Manners are the key to success here :3

8. Be considerate. Others may not be as good as writing as you are, but that doesn't mean you can post mean comments about it or brag about your writing. That's not fair :(

9. Constructive critism is nice. Just know the difference between that and bullying.

10. Sourcing any art that isn't yours would be very helpful!


1st offense - warning

2nd offense - warning

3rd offense - warning

4th offense - hour ban

5th offense - day ban

6th offense - week ban

7th offense - permaban